Description + Attributes:

Prairie Red is a hybrid winter hardy plum. Leaves are alternate and simple with sharply serrate margins and prominent veins. Branches are smooth when young but become rigid and spiny as they mature. White flowers with five petals bloom in May. Fruit that forms in late summer is red or reddish yellow in color. The fruit size is 1.5 inches in diameter. Prairie Red Plum can be included in farmstead and field windbreaks as well as wildlife and recreational plantings. The plum furnishes both good habitat and food for wildlife. It produces a sweet edible fruit which can be made into jelly.


  • This plum furnishes both good habitat and food for wildlife, as the plants mature and form a thicket.
  • For hedgerows it is recommended to space 4-6’ between plants, for standalone fruiting trees it is recommended to space these trees 10’ apart.
  • The Ojibwa knew the wild plum as “bagesaanaatig”, and used the inner bark to dye dreamcatchers.
  • Can be utilized for a windbreak or an ornamental tree
  • This plum is self-fertile and requires no pollinator.
  • Annual pruning may be required to keep this tree producing its red to yellow fruit.



Tree Type




Mature Size

Height 12'-15’

& Width 10’-15’


Growth Rate


13”-24”+/ year


Wildlife Value

Great for pollinators and provides fruit that attracts various wildlife species.


Full Sun

Prefers well drained soils.

Moderate Drought Tolerance

Prairie Red Plum - Bundle of 25 - Bare Root


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