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Description + Attributes:

One of our most popular ornamental conifers, the Colorado blue spruce (or simply, blue spruce) is a truly magnificent sight. Perhaps Donald Culrose Peattie described it best in A Natural History of Western Trees. "This insistently pretty tree displays its charms of tier on tier of branches graduated in perfect symmetry from the longest boughs that sweep the ground to the slender but strong top."

Its silvery blue-green coloring and perfect Christmas tree shape make this tree a great landscaping focal point on commercial and residential properties. It is also widely used for privacy or a windbreak.

  • Displays its unique silvery blue-green color year-round.
  • Withstands wind better than most spruces due to a wide-spreading and moderately deep root system.
  • Is a long-lived specimen.
  • Features needles that are stiff, prickly and roughly 1–1½" in length.
  • Provides privacy and a windbreak when planted in a row.
  • Yields light brown, 3–4" cones which hang downward on the branches and are concentrated in the upper crown.
  • Grows in a columnar, pyramidal shape.


Tree Type



Mature Size

Height 50’-75’ & Width 10’-20’


Growth Rate




Wildlife Value

Winter Cover, & Food Source for Birds



* Full Sun

* Acidic, Moist, loamy, rich, sandy, well drained & clay soils

* Moderate Drought Tolerance

Colorado Spruce - 1 Quart

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