Description + Attributes:

An irregular pyramid when young. Becoming picturesque and open with wide spreading branches exposing its beautiful orange bark. Needles are in clusters of two, twisted and bluish-green. Scotch Pine has a medium growth rate in full sun and most any soil. Often grown as a Christmas tree, its true character comes out with age.  It can be used as either a windbreak or a single standalone tree. 

  • Adapts to nearly all climates


  • Can be used as either a windbreak or a standalone specimen


  • Is widely used as a Christmas tree because of its excellent form and ability to hold its needles.


  • When mature with open branches, it displays an appealing orange bark.


  • Produces oval, dry brown cones that are 1-3” in length.


  • Grows in an oval, pyramidal shape with branches spreading outwards as it reaches maturity.


Tree Type



Mature Size

Height 30'-60'’ & Width 30-40'’


Growth Rate

Medium –12”-24”/year


Wildlife Value

Provides nesting for birds such as owls and is a great food source for small animals and deer.



Full Sun

Loamy, moist, sandy, well-drained and dry soils.

Some Drought Tolerant

Scotch Pine - 1 Quart


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