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Description + Attributes:

The eastern white pine has played a very important role throughout the history of America. In colonial days, the best of the trees were set apart by the king for masts on British ships. As the nation grew, the lumber of white pines built our homes and businesses.

Today it is still a valuable commercial tree but also favored in parks and spacious yards—both for its beauty and its fast growth. It has also been named the state tree of both Maine and Michigan.

  • Transplants easily.
  • Works well for windbreaks.
  • Is widely used as a Christmas tree.
  • Features long, slender, blue-green needles, sometimes reaching 5" in length, grown in bundles of 5 that are soft and flexible.
  • Produces elongated brown cones that are 3–8" in length. Each is curved slightly and has smooth scales.
  • Grows in an oval, pyramidal shape.
  • Is sensitive to air pollution, road salt and soil compaction.
  • Can be prone to damage by deer and rabbit, bud capping and fencing may help to reduce this problem.


Tree Type



Mature Size

Height 80’-130’ & Width 20’-40’


Growth Rate

Fast - >24”/year


Wildlife Value

Provides excellent nesting for birds and is a great food source for small animals.



Full Sun/Partial Shade

Acidic, Moist, well-drained and dry soils

Moredate Drought Tolerance

Eastern White Pine - 1 Quart

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