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Description + Attributes:

A hardy, tough and extremely adaptable smaller accent tree featuring flaming orange-red branches that make for a particularly breathtaking relief from the white of winter.  Flame willow is grown for its ornamental qualities.  Both in summer and in winter, the branches of the red form retain a bright orangey-red glow.

The numerous branches of this willow are especially striking against dark evergreens.  There are two ways to grow this plant – pruned or left to grow to its natural form.

  • Makes an excellent choice for screening and informal hedges.
  • Provides a great accent piece to any landscaping design.
  • Foliage is green throughout spring and summer then turns to a lovely golden color in the fall. 
  • This plant takes on an oval form at maturity.


Tree Type


Ornamental Shrub


Mature Size

Height 15’-20’

& Width 5’-15’


Growth Rate


24”+/ year


Wildlife Value

Buds and twigs are used by birds and small animals.


Full Sun

Moist, rich, loamy, sandy, silty loam, well drained and wet soils.Good Drought Tolerance

Flame Willow - Bundle of 25 - Bare Root

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