Description + Attributes:

Nannyberry Viburnum is a large growing “leggy” native shrub that can be pruned into a small tree form.  It produces 2-3” clusters of white flower in the spring.  Mature fruit are black in color.  Fall color is deep maroon to red.  The glossy, green leaves are 1 ½” wide and up to 4” long. 

  • Very shade tolerant in nature, it grows larger in more open sunny areas.
  • Spreads by roots and suckers to form colonies and makes an excellent privacy or regular hedgerow.
  • From the showy white flower in May, to its burgundy color in autumn this shrub provides year-round.
  • This native plant is typically found in woodlands and wood edges and is a smart choice for naturalizing.
  • Its flowers are a great for spring pollinator insects and it produces small fruit in autumn that can persist into winter which serves as a valuable food source for various wildlife.
  • This plant is generally disease and pest resistant but can bear a powdery mildew on its leaves in autumn.



Tree Type




Mature Size

Height 12’-15’

& Width 10’-15’


Growth Rate


13”-24”/ year


Wildlife Value

Great for pollinators and provides food and cover for various wildlife species.


Full Sun/Partial Shade

Moist and well drained soils.

Moderate Drought Tolerance

Nannyberry - Bundle of 25 - Bare Root


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