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Description + Attributes:

The northern red oak has been called “one of the handsomest, cleanest, and stateliest trees in North America” by naturalist Joseph S. Illick, and it is widely considered a national treasure. It is especially valued for its adaptability and usefulness, including its hardiness in urban settings. This medium to large tree is also known for its brilliant fall color, great value to wildlife and status as the state tree of New Jersey.

Whether you’re selecting a tree to plant in your front yard or out on the farm, it’s a fast-growing species worth keeping in mind.

  • Grows more than two feet per year for 10 years.
  • Provides great fall color, with leaves turning russet-red to bright red.
  • Is easier than most to transplant.
  • Features alternating leaves that are 4–8" long and have 7–11 waxy, spine-tipped lobes.
  • Yields acorns that are round and ¾–1" long with a flat, thick, saucer-like cap.
  • Offers great shade due to a dense crown.
  • Grows in a rounded shape.
  • Tolerates pollution and compacted soil.
  • Produces pale yellow-green catkins that appear at about the same time new foliage is expanding, typically April–May.



Tree Type


Shade Tree


Mature Size

Height 60’-75’ & Width 45’


Growth Rate




Wildlife Value

It’s Acorns are one of the best sources of food for wildlife.


Full Sun

Loamy, moist, sandy, well drained and clay soils.

  Moderate Drought Tolerance

Northern Red Oak - Bundle of 25 - Bare Root

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