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Description + Attributes:

Fastest growing of the spruces. Develops strong graceful branches that are covered with dark green needles. Ideal windbreaks. 


  • Is the fastest growing of the spruces.
  • Is easy to transplant.
  • Can be planted on a wide variety of sites.
  • Works well for windbreaks.
  • Features dark green needles that re roughly ½-1” in length and feel square when rolled between your fingers.
  • Yields light brown, stiffly scaled, 4-6” cones that sit upright on the branch until fertilized.  Then gradually turn downward.
  • Grows in a pyramidal shape.
  • Can begin to look a little unkept in its old age.


Tree Type



Mature Size

Height 30’-60’ & Width 15’-25’


Growth Rate

Medium - Fast - 13” - 24" /year


Wildlife Value

Nesting, Winter Cover, & Food Source for Birds, Small Animals & Deer



Full Sun/Partial Shade

Acidic, Loamy, Moist, sandy, well-drained and clay soils

Somce Drought Tolerance

Norway Spruce -2 Gallon

SKU: 2GAL - Norway Spruce
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