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Description + Attributes:

Red pine is a tall, straight pine, distinctive for its scaly, reddish bark. In natural stands, fire is needed to prepare the seedbed and eliminate competing species so that red pine can grow. This species is grown widely in plantations because its tall, straight boles produce a commercially important timber for woodwork, poles, and many other uses. About 100 insect species are known to consume red pine.

  • Grows moderately fast for the first 60-70 years of life.
  • Naturally prunes by dropping dead branches.
  • Is a long-lived specimen, up to 350-400 years.
  • Features clusters of needles that are rounded, or flattened on one side and are 4-7” in length.
  • Its bark is furrowed and cross-checked into irregular rectangular, scaly plates up to 2 inches thick.
  • Yields light brown, 1-3" cones which hang downward on the branches and are concentrated near the tips of the branches.
  • Deer have been known to browse on red pine saplings.  Bud capping or fencing helps to deter browsing.


Tree Type



Mature Size

Height 80’-120’


Growth Rate




Wildlife Value

Provides excellent nesting for birds and is a great food source for small animals.



* Full Sun

* Grows best in well drained loamy to sandy soils.

* Moderate Drought Tolerance

Red Pine - 1 Quart

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