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Description + Attributes:

The redosier dogwood is loved by gardeners, landscapers and homeowners for its hardiness and versatility. It can grow in a myriad of conditions, including wet soil. Its thicket-forming habit makes it a great hedge option. And the fibrous root system provides effective erosion control on banks and slopes. 

The biggest selling point, though, is the shrub’s deep red stems. This vibrant hue remains through winter, creating a pop of color in the snowy, gray months.

  • Features vibrant red stems that make a bold statement in the wintertime landscape.
  • Produces attractive clusters of white flowers in mid- to late spring.
  • Yields pea-sized white drupes that mature in late summer to early fall.
  • Is easy to transplant.
  • Needs to be pruned only once a year.
  • Can be cut back to the ground regularly for the red color of the younger stems to be more prevalent.
  • Features opposite, simple leaves, ovate to oblong-lancelolate in shape and 2–5" in length. The medium to dark green summer color changes to a ruddy red or purple in the fall.
  • Can be planted 3–4' apart to make a hedge.


Tree Type


Ornamental Shrub


Mature Size

Height 7’-9’

& Width 10’


Growth Rate


24”+/ year


Wildlife Value

Provides dense cover and is a great food source for many different animals and birds.


Full Sun/Partial Shade

Moist, saturated, and well drained loamy soils.

  Poor Drought Tolerance

Redosier Dogwood - Bundle of 25 - Bare Root

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