Description + Attributes:

A straight, tall tree easily recognized by its needles. Cones always hang down. Beautiful year-round color. Tolerates most soil conditions. Grows to 60'; 15' spread. (zones 2-6)Is the fastest growing of the spruces.


  • Can withstand wind, heat, cold, drought, crowding and some shade.


  • Works well in cities and rural windbreaks.


  • Features slightly curved, pale green needles that are roughly ½–¾" in length and crowded on the upper side of the stem.


  • Yields slender, cylindrical cones that are light brown in color and 1½–2½" long with flexible scales.


  • Grows in a pyramidal shape, becoming more columnar with age.


Tree Type



Mature Size

Height 40’-60’ & Width 10’-20’


Growth Rate

Medium - Fast - 13” - 24" /year


Wildlife Value

Nesting, Winter Cover, & Food Source for Birds, Small Animals & Deer



Full Sun

Acidic, Loamy, Moist, sandy, well-drained and clay soils

Somce Drought Tolerance

White Spruce -1 Quart

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