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Watershed Based Implementation Funding



The Lower Minnesota River West - Watershed Based Implementation Funding (LMRW-WBIF) provides cost share for conservation practices located within the highest priority areas of the LMRW Watershed.  Cost share funds are available to qualifying applicants for structural, non-structural and well sealing practices. 


Application Process

Conservation practice applications can be submitted through any partner within the LMRW watershed.  Applications are scored based on it's surface water or hydrologic improvement priority along with related targeted goals.  Qualifying applications are then reviewed by the Local Implementation Workgroup (LIWG) and/or Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) for recommendation for funding.  Recommendations for funding are then reviewed for approval by the Sibley Soil and Water Conservaiton District's Board of Supervisors on behalf of the Joint Powers Collaborative Agreement for the LMRW-WBIF and it's partners.

WBIF Conservation Practices


  • Blind Inlets

  • Drainage Water Management

  • Grassed Waterway

  • Grade Stabilization Structure

  • Terrace

  • Water and Sediment Control Basin

  • Water Storage


  • Cover Crops

  • Conservation Cover

  • Conservation Crop Rotation

  • Drainage Water Management

  • No-Till / Strip Till

Well Sealing

  • High Capacity Well Sealing (100,000+ gallons/day)​​

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