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1W1P - Lower Minnesota River West 

The One Watershed, One Plan Operating Procedures require that planning partnerships (groups of local governments who have come together to write a Comprehensive Watershed Management Plan through the One Watershed, One Plan program) establish a policy committee and an advisory committee. Partnerships may also establish a steering team (a.k.a. planning work group).


The overarching principles and processes within these planning groups:

  • Establish a schedule with meeting dates and milestones

  • Provide meeting agendas and materials in advance, with sufficient time for attendees to prepare

  • Clearly establish meeting objectives and action items in meeting agendas

  • Take meeting notes that accurately reflect discussion points, decisions made, and follow-up actions including responsible parties and deadlines

  • Keep meeting records and materials organized

  • Appoint chairs for the steering team (planning work group) and for the Advisory Committee

  • Create a shared understanding / expectations about what processes the group(s) will use for gathering input and making decisions

Team Meeting

Steering Team Committee

The steering team consists primarily of local government staff and includes the planning consultant(s) (when hired, if applicable) and the main contact from the Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR). The steering team is responsible for logistical organization (not policy) of the planning process and associated meetings (e.g., setting agendas and coordinating meeting logistics). This team may also distill feedback from the Advisory and Policy Committees and provide specific direction to the plan writer.

Business Meeting

Policy Committee

The Policy Committee consists of one Board member from each local water planning authority (County, SWCD, and Watershed District or Watershed Management Organization) participating in the partnership, which is formalized through the partnership’s Memorandum of Agreement or other formal agreement. The purpose of this group is to review recommendations of the Advisory Committee and make final decisions about the content of the plan and its submittal.


Advisory Committee

The purpose of an advisory committee is to make recommendations on the plan to the Policy Committee. The bulk of input in the development of the plan will come from this group. Similar to the current county water planning process, the Advisory Committee is the original forum for vetting ideas and providing feedback on the plan to the plan writer.